Cultural Awareness and Storytelling starts in Juli 2023!

What this project is about

(Please take into account that this text is written by Momo Heiß (German) and couldn't be improved by a native speaker yet)


Stories have taken their paths across cultural boundaries in the past - and continue to take them the present. Stories from around the globe are being told in central Europe and questions have emergent to us, concerning inidgiunous tales, cultural heritage, the way of storytelling, gender and many other issues. Our aim ist to meet and interact interculturally from heart to heart and exchange ideas about these questions as well as motifs, characters and backgrounds by involving storytellers and experts around the globe.



  • COMMUNTYCALLS to get to know your questions and issues for the following formats:
  • Freely accessible INTERVIEWS with international partners 
  • WORKSHOPS for storytellers with different International experts
  • NETWORKING opportunities and helpful links 

Today we can meet each other easily via video worldwide. We hope that the Interviews with international Experts and Storytellers can be our contribution to the intercultural exchange. 


Here are some questions: How do stories transform across cultural boundaries? Are there "red lines" we should be sensitive to? How can we as storytellers respect, guard, and celebrate the global treasure of stories? Can we cultivate an international culture of exchange that authentically and openly moves these questions? 


With this project hope to inspire those who love stories: Storytellers as well as Listeners!


For more detailed (and proper translated) information please read the text "About this Project" in our crowdfunding (it endet already) on Startnext ! 



How to connect to the project

How to apply to the workshops and communtycalls


Please get in touch with us :)

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We are very thankful


We are very happy to announce, that our Crowdfunding was successful!
Currently we are looking on for further fundings.

In any case the Interviews will start in July 2023!


We thank the following associations, institutions, storytellers als well as privat persons for their overwhelming support in the Crowdfunding !!


Institutions and Associations

Wortschatz Verein München                              
Nomadische Erzählkunst e.V

Erzählraum e.V.


Steuerberatung RSC Teufl, München


Storytellers and privat persons

Katharina Ritter
Andrea Will  
Peggy Hofmann
Simone Saitenfeder 
Bernhard Träumer  

Promotions and Awards




We are very honored to receive the Innovation Promotion of The Verband der Erzählerinnen und Erzähler e. V.

Thank you so much! 



The "Erzählkunstverein in Berlin" has become Patron CULTURAL AWARENESS AND STORYTELLING!

We are very thankful! 

We are still looking for funding, patrons and donations !


(Please take into account that this text is written by Momo Heiß (German) and couldn't be improved by a native speaker yet)




If we could find enough single Institutes, Assosiations, private promoters or companies worldwide, who would support this project, it would give us the best work flow! And it would be the best foundation for working on the interviews in in long term! So, please contact us, if you have any ideas!


The Storybox-München is a non profit organization. 

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